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Unformatted text preview: return new MacMenu; 64 Pattern Pattern Diagram for product classes Glyph Abstract Factory pattern Name Abstract Factory or Kit Applicability ... Button Press() Menu PopUp() Different families of components (products) must be used in mutually exclusive fashion and consistently Hide existence of multiple families from clients e.g., MotifFactory, MacFactory, etc. Structure MotifButton Press() MacButton Press() ... 65 Combine two previous diagrams and add arcs signifying object creation from factory classes to product classes 66 Pattern AbstractProductA AbstractFactory CreateProductA() CreateProductB() Pattern ... ProductA1 ProductA2 Structure of Abstract Factory Abstract Factory (cont d) ... ConcreteFactory1 CreateProductA() CreateProductB() ConcreteFactory2 CreateProductA() CreateProductB() Consequences 1. Isolate creation and handling of instances from clients 2. Changing look-and-feel standard at run-time is easy Just reassign a global variable; recompute and redisplay interface AbstractProductB ... ProductB1 ProductB2 67 3. Enforces consistency among products in each family 4. Supporting (adding) new family of products is difGicult Not an orthogonal set of classes 68 Supporting user commands Case study Case study Support execution of Lexi commands, with following reqs: 1. Different commands have different interfaces 2. Same command can be invoked in different ways by user 3. Some commands should support Undo and Redo functionality, some should not (e.g., Gile commands) Obvious solution: Associate operations with user interface actions! Of course, this is BAD, BAD, BAD No support for (2) and (3) above Also, proliferation and coupling of classes (each command likely to be implemented by several classes) 69 Supporting user commands (cont An improved solution d) Action-performing glyphs are subclasses of a special Glyph subclass that takes command Instances of Glyph subclass can parameterize command execution by passing a function name denoting code that executes command Problems still: 1. Passing context to the command function (e.g., different commands will have different interfaces) 2. Undo and Redo not adequately supported yet 70 Case study Supporting user commands (cont Key idea: Pass an...
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