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Unformatted text preview: "Who Killed the Virtual Case File" by: Harry Goldstein Presentation by Josh Dean VCF History IT project for the FBI 2000-2005 Overall cost of 581 million What is (was) it? Replacement for ACS System for sharing case file information for the FBI Go paperless Why not keep ACS? Too inefficient and un-functional Redundancies between divisions Did not link case file information Separation among divisions Security/trust issues among agents First An Upgrade Outdated hardware Un-upgradable No modern software Slow intranet connections 56kbs modem speeds Trilogy Bob Dies FBI Info. Resource Division CIO FBI Information Technology Upgrade Project 379.8 million approved by Congress Sept. 2000 Three components Information Presentation Transportation Network User Applications The beginning of the End 9/11 "the FBI's information systems were woefully inadequate", 9/11 Commission Report Appointment of Chiaradio by current FBI director Robert S. Mueller III Accountant by training Formation of the VCF system Limitations of the ACS web interface Da' Plan? What Plan? "Enterprise Architecture ... describes at a high level an organization's mission and operations, how it organizes and uses technology to accomplish its tasks, and hos the IT system is structured and designed to achieve those objectives." DynCorp Due Date: July 2002 Secure LANs and WANs Integrate new computers, printers, and servers SAIC Due Date: Dec. 2003 Division of teams JAD (Joint Application Development) 22 months to Replace ACS Flash cutover No Plan B Lesson No. 1 "Faster, Cheaper, Better. Pick two, but you can't have all three." The 3 Killers Miscommunication Disorganization Underestimation Costs: Time, Money, Quality "We wanted it really bad, and at the end it was really bad," Depew. Questions? ...
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