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THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN – DEARBORN COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Revised 1-5-2012 Winter 2012 Instructor: Matt Wimble Office: 133 FCS Office Phone: (313) 593-5286 Email*: Blackboard: Course Schedule: section 1: Monday 6:10 pm – 9 pm, Room FCS 163 Office Hours: 2:20pm-3:20pm Monday and Wednesday and by appointment * Best way to contact me 1. Course Description This course is intended to be a writing intensive program based interdisciplinary course in project management skills. Topics covered will include benefits of project management, definition of a project, development of a project plan, execution of a plan, and management of change. Leadership skills will be emphasized as they relate to conflict resolution, motivating and coaching team members, and listening to team members. Students will complete and present a project plan using the appropriate project management and presentation software. The course will also emphasize under what conditions the traditional project management may or may not be appropriate. For those students who are interested in pursuing a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certificate, this course satisfies the educational requirements to sit for the exam. Project Management Institute (PMI) sets the accepted standards for the Project Management profession and the CAPM certification is one of those standards. You can learn more about PMI and the CAPM certification at: 2. Course Objectives Students who earn a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Michigan – Dearborn should (a) have acquired knowledge and skill for each functional area of business; (b) be able to appropriately apply that knowledge and skill to general business situations in both domestic and global settings; and (c) learn in an environment that fosters opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. BA 320 is designed in compliance with the BBA program requirements. Upon successful completion of the course, students should have: An understanding of theoretic issues surrounding projects and why they are unique. Project plan development from planning to closeout. As part of this objective, students will be able to define the project and its requirements, break down the project into tasks, develop a project schedule, build a project budget, develop a list of deliverables, manage the schedule and the budget, understand and meet the client’s requirements and expectations, and closeout the project. 1 BA 320 Project Management and Leadership
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Leadership skills necessary to accomplish the project goals. As part of this objective, students will learn the skills necessary to motivate team members to achieve project goals, mobilize resources to achieve project goals, manage communication between project manager and team members and between project manager and stakeholders, recognize and adapt to differences in team members’ working styles, manage conflict, manage change, and adapt their leadership
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