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The University of Michigan -College of Business Marketing Principles – Mktg. 352 – FCS Rm. 241 Winter 2012 CRN 25785: Monday and Wednesday 1:05 PM– 2:20 PM – January 9, 2012 Tim Hartge - FCS – 121B Office hours: call for an appt – t: 313.583.6465 e: [email protected] Best way to reach me is via email. Most emails are returned within 24 hours Course Description - Prerequisite: Sophomore standing Welcome to Mktg. 352. This is an introductory course in the marketing activities associated with the Free Enterprise System. The various components and functions of marketing activities will be discussed in an integrated framework. The goals are to provide insights into the role and scope of marketing in modern business. The components and functions include: product development, pricing, promotion, consumer behavior and target market analysis. Course Objectives The purpose of this experiential class is to expose students to a broad range of marketing basic with emphasis on current marketing techniques and issues. Develop a student’s understanding of the basic concepts and terminology of marketing. Expose the student to key functions of marketing. Present current examples of the 4 P’s, macro strategies, market segments, market targeting and market positioning (STP) and more. Present current examples of marketing management’s execution of strategy. Strategy drives objectives. Develop a knowledge and appreciation of ethical principles in business. High importance is placed on critical thinking, excellent verbal and written skills. The atmosphere for this class is interactive so that all students are expected to participate in the classroom discussions. Attendance will be taken and response during the class time is required. Learning Outcomes Understand marketing’s controllable components: The Four P’s: product, place, price and promotion. Understand the marketing concept – the importance of the customer as a driver of all marketing activities. Understand the methods of researching the market to determine customer wants
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This note was uploaded on 02/23/2012 for the course MARKETING 452 taught by Professor Timhartge during the Winter '12 term at University of Michigan-Dearborn.

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Syllabus Mktg. 352 - The University of Michigan-College of...

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