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Alexander Muhr ARLT-100 Literature and the Spiritual Life Professor Fishbane February 13, 2006 Nature and the Journey to the Divine When we are confronted with the obligation to describe our spiritual feelings and goings on, the very spiritual essence makes it very difficult to illustrate. This inevitable fact of the difficulty to express spiritual activities makes nature a widely used example to convey them. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Howard Thurman, two men who ventured to try and define spirituality and in the process used nature to provide access and clarification to this spiritual and enlightened life which so many of us seek. Emerson uses nature more specifically than Thurman, because that was one of his main spiritual connection. Thurman connects with nature in a different way, using the human nature aspect rather than the wilderness aspect of nature. In essence, nature and the observation of the environment around us, leads to a spiritual experience or personal awakening that brings us to a more peaceful and content state of being connected with divinity. Emerson had the main idea that the world and its nature are emblematic of God or divinity. If we are to understand nature, then we need to connect with our inner self and
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ESSAY_1 - Alexander Muhr ARLT-100 Literature and the...

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