ghost - “Sigh you are undoubtedly over-devout and...

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Unformatted text preview: “Sigh, you are undoubtedly over-devout and superstitious! Cease your preposterous action please, my dear friend! ”, I scoffed at James, a nerdy boy, who kept reading the bible. Indubitably, that time, my mind was really full of a stream of questions, being extremely inquisitive about what we can gain through murmuring some peculiar words. “Ling, you can keep yourself from any jeopardy if you do so. Devil? H’m.. For instance, the ghosts”, James was attempting to persuade me so that I would have a reading as well. “Ghost? Ghoul? Spook? Ha-ha! Very funny! ” I taunted him. Without a doubt, for my book, the presence of ghost was merely the absurd hallucination of the simple-hearted human beings, or so I thought. Saying “goodbye” to him, bending down my body to take my bag, I left there. Time flies, two months had passed and I would be categorized as an adult very soon. It was my red-letter day, my 17 th birthday. Being the apple of the eye of my father, definitely, I knew that my father would give me an Iphone that I had been eyeing for a long time. Yet, being a big fish in his company, my father would not be at home before ten o’clock at night. I, who stayed alone in the house, was having a cup of steaming hot cocoa besides being a couch potato, enjoying the new released movie, The Clash of The Titans. Out of the blue, the sky flashed with the thin, crooked streaks of light. Soon, it started raining cats and dogs. Needless to say, the torrential downpour gave me no peace. Thus, being neither namby-cats and dogs....
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ghost - “Sigh you are undoubtedly over-devout and...

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