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Phung Yee Ling PPISMP PK SEM 1 Tears started welling up in my eyes and blurred my vision. After few seconds of endurance, finally, tears gushing from my eyes incessantly as if there was a malfunctioning water faucet installed in my eyes. It was the day when I was told that i got zero mark for one of the sections of my Chemistry Paper 3 due to my silly negligence. Without uttering a single word, she passed me over a pack of tissue papers, sitting next to me silently. Always, rain or shine, she will stand by my side and support me mentally. Whenever I need help, without a doubt, she will always be the first one who stands up and lends me her hand. Now, she is the only one whom I address as my best friend. For others, she may be an ordinary girl. Yet, from my point of view, she is an extraordinary girl or I can even say, everything of hers is totally incomparable. Despite the fact that she does not have a long-smooth-glossy hair or a curvaceous body shape like others, she has a sympathetic heart which often warms me and pacifies my mind. Besides, she is a trustworthy alter ego. I am used to confiding all my secrets to her
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