physical appearance

physical appearance - Bodily Appearance PHYSIQUE anorexic;...

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Bodily Appearance  PHYSIQUE  anorexic; gangling; gaunt; haggard; lanky; scrawny; skinny; spindly; withered / agile;  athletic; lean; lithe; petite; rangy; reedlike; slender; slight; slim; sylphlike; thin; trim;  willowy / barrel-chested; beefy; big-boned; brawny; buxom; chubby; fat; muscular;  sinewy; well-muscled; voluptuous  Return to Contents   SKIN COLOUR alabaster; albino; apricot; black; bronze; brown; caramel; cream; ebony; fair; ivory;  lily-white; milky; nut-brown; olive; red; white; yellow;  Return to Contents   COMPLEXION (appearance and texture) Appearance - blush; flush; freckled; glowing; jaundiced; mottled; pallid; pale; pasty;  rosy; ruddy; russet; sallow; splotchy; wan  Texture - acned; cadaverous; craggy; greasy; leathery; peeling; pitted; pocked; scarred;  sunburnt; wrinkled  Return to Contents   HAIR COLOUR (natural only)
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Black - coal black; jet black; raven; sable; ebony; charcoal; ink-black; sooty;  Dark Brown - brunet/te (male/female - male form rarely used); auburn; chestnut;  chestnut brown; walnut;  Light Brown - ash brown; mousey; chocolate; sandy; tawny; golden brown; nutmeg;  nut brown; cinnamon;  Red - fiery red; ginger; rusty; rust red; redhead; honey red; reddish brown; russet;  copper; burnt sienna;  Blond/e (male/female) - ash blonde; strawberry blonde; platinum blonde; flaxen;  honey-coloured;   towheaded;   light   blonde;   yellow-brown;   fair-haired;   champagne;  tawny-gold; golden-haired; yellow-haired;  White - grey; silver; hoary; hoaryhead; snow-white; silver-grey;  Return to Contents   HAIR STYLE  Afro; beehive; bob; braids; bun; coiffure; corkscrew curls; curls; crew cut; dreadlocks;  French braid; mohawk; page boy; pigtails; pompadour; ponytail; shorn; skinhead;  topknot; wedge / crop; fringe; locks; ringlets; strands; wisps;  Return to Contents  
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physical appearance - Bodily Appearance PHYSIQUE anorexic;...

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