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COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY EXPERIMENTS HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE DECISION? - FRANCISCO DONDERS (1868) measured REACTION TIME of how long it takes to respond to presentation of stimulus -1 st SIMPLE REACTION TIME TASK- asked participants to press button when light presented -2 nd CHOICE REACTION TIME TASK- light on left of screen & another light on right side presented, then participant had to press button according to location of light. -PURPOSE: Determine time to decide which key for choice reaction task -PRINCIPLE: Mental responses can’t be measured directly, but must be inferred by observing behavior =Result: CHOICE REACTION TIME TASK had a longer response time because had to make decision WHAT’S THE COURSE OF FORGETTING? - HERMANN EBBINGHAUS determined nature of memory & forgetting, & how information that is learned is lost over time -Presented nonsense syllables & learned it -Drum procedure: initial viewing, learning list & noted # of repetitions to learn list, after delay, list relearned & # of repetitions notes -Used SAVINGS METHOD to analyze results: Savings= [(initial reps)- (relearn reps)/ initial reps] x100 -“SAVINGS CURVE” indicated memory drops rapidly for 1 st two days after initial learning then levels off “LITTLE ALBERT EXPERIMENT” -Experiment done by JOHN WATSON (founded behaviorism) -Albert (9 month old boy) subject to loud noise every time rat (which Albert originally liked) came close to child =Result: Albert crawled away from rat when it came -Used CLASSICAL CONDITIONING- pairing one stimulus (loud noise) to
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