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CogLab #2- Brain Asymmetry

CogLab #2- Brain Asymmetry - CHIMERIC FACE-Take two...

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COGLAB #2: BRAIN ASYMMETRY BRAIN’S HEMISPHERES: -Left- language & analytical though SPLIT- BRAIN SURGERY -Claims about cognition comes from investigations of clinical patients (underwent surgery to separate left & right hemispheres due to a serious case of epileptic seizures) -Epileptic seizures in one hemisphere goes across CORPUS COLLOUSM LEVY HELLER, BANICH & BURTON -Devised techniques for demonstrating difference between hemispheres of normal subject’s brain. -Stimuli involve CHIMERIC FACES to identify particular qualities (happiness, age, attractiveness) -If CHIMERIC FACE constructed so that two halves differ in quality of characteristic & information goes to different parts of brain hemispheres then the choices made should show bias
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Unformatted text preview: CHIMERIC FACE-Take two different faces & divide in ½ & combine halves PROCEDURE:-Determine which CHIMERIC FACE looks younger RUECKERT (2005) EXPERIMENT PROPOSED:-Each trial, two CHIMERIC FACES were shown & asked to indicated which one appears younger. In reality, two faces were always mirror images of each other so they had identical age information. Thus, just based on characteristics of images, we would expect no preference for one image or the other. INDEPENDENT VARIABLE:-Construction of the CHIMERIC FACE PREDICTION OF RESULTS:-Different behavior for right- handed & left- handed observers-Right handed: right hemisphere more involved in judgments about faces-Left handed: no strong difference between left & right hemispheres...
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CogLab #2- Brain Asymmetry - CHIMERIC FACE-Take two...

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