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CogLab #3- Signal Detection

CogLab #3- Signal Detection - DEPENDENT VARIABLE-Whether...

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COGLAB #3: SIGNAL DETECTION METHOD: -On each trial, a bunch of randomly placed noise dots were shown & varied from trial to trial. -1/2 of the trials (target present) an additional set of 10 dots arranged in a straight diagonal line randomly placed among dot field. -1/2 of trials (target absent) line was not included -Task: Report whether target present or absent INDEPENDENT VARIABLE -Number of noise dots & presence or absence of target dos
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Unformatted text preview: DEPENDENT VARIABLE-Whether your response was correct or incorrect PARTICIPANT PREDICITION-d’- measure of your ability to discriminate displays in which target was present or absent-d’ should decrease as the number of noise dots increase-Lab shows how you need to be careful about measuring human performance & explore ability of people to distinguish signal from noise...
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