PSY 305 Lec. 3 - Ex Mental map of location-Innateness...

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PSY 305 01/25 (Lecture 3) B.F. Skinner - Verbal Behavior -Talked about language -Explained language due to learning history through reinforcements Chomsky - wrote articles critiquing Skinner’s explanation of language -Can’t explain language w/out considering mind -Lang.= creative (not preconditioned) & words by manipulation of mental units & acquisition is inadequately explained by child’s learning experience Hierarchy of Linguistic Units Sentence - phrases org. Phrase -words org. Word - individual words w/ meaning Ex. The, umpires, talked Morpheme - Ex. The, ‘s’, to Phoneme - individual sounds Chomsky’s Contribution to Cognitive Revolution -Contribution: Combinatorial rules for language construction - Modularity: independence from other cognitive operations -Specific locations of brain that have specific tasks - Internal Mental Representations -Stimulus- Response Psychology insufficient to explain human functioning
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Unformatted text preview: Ex. Mental map of location-Innateness Hypothesis : Genetic pre- organization & emergent organization during development explain much behavior Debates: Modularity vs. Distributed Processing Internal Representations vs. Embodied Cognition Innate Abilities vs. Acquired Abilities Neuroscience- from mid-1990s-Mind- systems of systems Chapter 2 Cognitive Neuroscience : Neural Basis for Cognition Classics vs. Modern models of reading systems Classic model of reading: Brocca’s area, Wernicke’s area, Visual cortex in occipital lobe, Motor cortex in frontal lobe (involved in speech), angular gyrus (visual process of letters) Modern model of reading: Much more complex, dyslexia found in area of brain L. hemisphere- language Right eye goes to L hemi. & left eye goes to R hemi (retina flips everything upside down)...
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PSY 305 Lec. 3 - Ex Mental map of location-Innateness...

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