PSY 305 Lec. 5 - -White matter pathways ( Mylon sheath...

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PSY 305 02/01 (Lecture 5) Chapter 2: Cognitive Neuroscience Frontal lobe (Mainly front of bran)- Motor mvmt., control regions, executive systems Temporal lobe, Pre- occipital notch, Occipital lobe, Parieto-occipital sulcus, Parietal lobe- Brodmann’s areas - looked at architecture of brain & able to define a variety of differences Imaging Technologies PET scan- Indirect (functional) image -Transverse view -Inject into bloodstream a radioactive “tracer” -Positron Emission Tomography -Plots blood flow fMRI -Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging -Response of cells (hydrogen nuclei) to strong magnetic field -BOLD- blood oxygen level dependence -Glucose & oxygen use -Not looking at neurons directly, but the response -Getting better at spatial resolution (where specifically activity taking place) DTI -Diffusion Tensor Imaging - Uses fMRI technology -Excellent small- area imaging
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Unformatted text preview: -White matter pathways ( Mylon sheath outside of axon)-Connectivity-if not fully connected, can have processing problems-Quality of connectivity is important Encephalography-Direct measures of brain activity (brain waves)-EGG : Electroencephalography-Picks up waves-MEG: Magnetoencephalography-Natural magnetic fields produced by neural electrical activity-SQUIDS- highly sensitive detectors-Alpha waves -Theta waves- very organized waves-Beta waves- tiny bumps @ different waves Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation-Magnetic coil-Placed over target oil-Affects ongoing neural activity-Type of influence dependent on pulse patterns Brain Imaging-Scientific research requires comparisons of treatment to control conditions-Treatment- control= difference-fMri-p <.05 & p< .01-Colors= significant difference -t= (Xtreatment- Xcontrol)/ Std. Error...
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PSY 305 Lec. 5 - -White matter pathways ( Mylon sheath...

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