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PSY 305 Lec. 6 02/10 Chapter 3: Perception Demons to Geons What does visual cortex respond: Task -Single- cell recording ( microelectrodes ) -Show stimulus to anaesthetized animals Goal -Map receptive fields for neurons in various locations in visual tract -Retina -Thalamus -Occipital cortex V1 (primary visual cortex in occipital lobe) feature detectors Hierarchical organization of visual system - David Hubel & Torsten Wisel -Receptive field of e/ level determined by input from previous “lower” level
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Unformatted text preview: (“feedforward”)-Later theories include influence of later regions on earlier (lower level) regions (“feedback”) Recognition- by- Components Theory-Feature model for 3-D objects -Very few needed: about 36 ( Bierderman)-E/ recognized from multiple viewpts. -Fast recognition when geons are clear-Resistant to occlusion...
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