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Alexander Muhr ARLT-100 Literature and the Spiritual Life Professor Fishbane March 22, 2006 Siddhartha: Roadmap for Achieving the Spiritual Life Siddhartha , the novel by Herman Hesse, poses an important question, which is “What am I searching for?” In the past weeks we have read many pages that tell us in not so many different ways how to achieve a spiritual life, and Siddhartha is no exception. Hesse leads the reader through a literal and figurative journey to help us understand the mechanisms of this quest for self-discovery and spirituality, which are experience, attitude and awareness. The journey of Siddhartha himself gives us a “blueprint” as to how this is supposed to work when done correctly, even though it must not be done exactly the way it is performed in the book. Experience, awareness, and attitude are the three ingredients used throughout the novel to help the reader understand the significance and challenge of such a journey. When combining these three components, we are supposed to be able to “open our inner eye” and lead ourselves to our own breakthrough in consciousness, which leads us to a spiritual happiness and an inner peace we have never felt before. Siddhartha begins his journey with the urge for gaining experience. This is important because without the urge, the journey may not begin, and has no way of showing the reader the way to spiritual enlightenment. “His father and his other teachers … had already imparted to him the bulk and the best of their knowledge, that they had already poured their fullness into his waiting vessel, and the vessel was not full, his mind was not contented,” (Hesse 5). Throughout the novel there are many references to water and here we can see the beginning of his relationship to water and how it will bring
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Siddhartha on his journey. He himself is the vessel traveling on the river, which imparts
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ESSAY_2 - Alexander Muhr ARLT-100 Literature and the...

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