CogLab 5- Stroop Effect

CogLab 5- Stroop Effect - INDEPENDENT VARIABLE-Whether the...

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COGLAB #5: STROOP EFFECT AUTOMIZED -Behavior/ skill that no longer requires direct interaction (typing, reading) STROOP (1935) -Observers slower to properly identify color of ink than name of word -Explanation: Observers have automized reating & identifying color of ink isn’t automized METHOD OF EXPERIMENT: -Identify font color as quickly as possible regardless of word name
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Unformatted text preview: INDEPENDENT VARIABLE-Whether the word name & font color were same or different DEPENDENT VARIABLE-Reaction time b/w appearance of stimulus & response PARTICIPANT PREDICTION:-STROOP EFFECT- people tend to be fast at identifying the font color when the word name & font color are the same & are slower when they are different...
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