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CogLab 6- Attentional Blink

CogLab 6- Attentional Blink - -Temporal separate of letters...

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COGLAB #6: ATTENTIONAL BLINK -Cognitive mechanisms can handle limited amount of information ATTENTION -Selectively choosing some stimuli & ignoring others ATTENTIONAL BLINK -Brief time after paying attention to one stimulus when attention can’t be focused on subsequent stimulus METHOD OF EXPERIEMENT: -Each trial, sequence of 19 letters was presented w/ each new letter overwriting the previous one. Each letter was presented for 100 milliseconds. -Task: judge whether the letters J or K were in sequence INDEPENDENT VARIABLE
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Unformatted text preview: -Temporal separate of letters PARTICIPANT PREDICTION:-Identification of second target letter is very low when it quickly follows the first target letter. As temporal separation increases, identification of the second letter improves FINDINGS SUGGEST:-When observer sees first target letter, must attend to it to ensure it will be remembered later. Focusing of attention to that letter requires time, & if second target letter appears during that time, it’s not attended & not reported...
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