CogLab 9- Serial Position

CogLab 9- Serial Position - items in the middle are not...

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COGLAB 9: SERIAL POSITION BACKGROUND -Demonstration explores the effect of list position on free recall. -In many instances, we are presented w/ a list of items & must remember each item (grocery list). If the order of items is not required for accurate recall, the task is said to be unordered or “FREE” -Finding: Recall of an item is strongly influenced by its position in a list. The last few items in the list are remembered best (RECENCY EFFECT), the first few items are remembered fairly well (PRIMACY EFFECT), but
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Unformatted text preview: items in the middle are not recalled very well at all. METHOD-Each trial, you saw a random set of 10 letters, which as shown for 1 second. You were asked to indicate which letters you saw by clicking on response buttons. This experiment used FREE RECALL: you could click on the buttons on any order you liked. INDEPENDENT VARIABLE-The serial position of the item DEPENDENT VARIABLE-Proportion of times each letter was recalled...
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