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CogLab 10- Implicit Learning

CogLab 10- Implicit Learning - subjects are asked what the...

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COGLAB 10: IMPLICIT LEARNING IMPLICIT LEARNING -The process by which knowledge about the rule- governed complexities of the stimulus environment is acquired independently of conscious attempts to do so -One form of IMPLICIT LEARNING involved SERIAL PATTERN LEARNING. SERIAL PATTERN LEARNING -Subjects are asked to press one of four keys as quickly as they can whenever they see the stimulus. There is an underlying pattern that the subject will learn. As the sequence is repeated, evidence comes from a transfer test, in which the pattern is changed & the subjects press the keys more slowly. -Learning is implicit (not conscious) because evidence from tests in which
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Unformatted text preview: subjects are asked what the pattern was & the subjects are unaware of the pattern, but their behavior shows that they have nonetheless learned it. -Demonstration is based on a study by DESTREBECQZ & CLEEREMANS (2001) METHODS-Each trial, you saw a dot appear in one of four locations & were asked to press of four keys to indicate the dot’s location. INDEPENDENT VARIABLE-Whether the dots follow a pattern or not. In the RANDOM CONDITION the dots never follow a pattern. In the PATTERN CONDITION the dots followed a pattern on all blocks except for block 10 DEPENDENT VARIABLE-Response time for correct responses...
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