Govt. Lec. 8 - GOVERNMENT LECTURE #8 02/13 FEDERAL...

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GOVERNMENT LECTURE #8 02/13 FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY SIDE NOTE: - WORKMAN claims that this is his favorite government institution -Federal bureaucracy is why the government doesn’t go to hell especially when the government changes -Every two years all 535 members of the House are replaced, 1/3 of the senate & the president is replaced every four years -It is the FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY that keeps government functions (& carries out the will & policies of the 3 branches of government) in the interim & throughout -As outlined by ALEXANDER HAMILTON in the Federalist Papers - The FEDERAL BUREAUCRACY reflects the fact that government is intentionally not subject to elections INSTITUTIONAL MEMORY OF GOVERNMENT -The people who run things -Most politicians have no idea how government functions when they show up in D.C. CONVERSION OF THE LOFTY GOALS OF POLICY (EVEN DEMOCRACY) INTO –It’s where the rubber meets the road -Understand policy making more than anyone -Job: provide expertise to elected representatives, take lofty goals & turn them into something that works, bureaucrats are underneath politicians -Bureaucrats don’t get to do what they want just because they want to. This is where you have a voice. Bureaucrats sit in the middle of the fundamental tension of GOVERNMENT RESPONSIVENESS VS. GETTING THINGS DONE. The job of the bureaucrats is to get things done. They are also the analytical arm/ power of government. They are the source of all the “actionable” information & the public & the legislators get to make decisions about policy & opinion. This analytical expertise is central to democracy. ADMINISTRATIVE & ANALYTICAL MACHINERY OF GOVERNMENT
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Govt. Lec. 8 - GOVERNMENT LECTURE #8 02/13 FEDERAL...

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