EXAM 3 STUDY GUIDE - Ch 7 Media Influence and the Political...

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Ch. 7 Media Influence and the Political World Important political events were influenced profoundly by mass media exposure o Ex. the Vietnam War was America’s first “television war” – the horrific events were televised and brought the brutal realities of modern warfare into American living rooms o Ex. printed media, especially the Washington Post, played a major role in exposing the Watergate scandal The Gulf War featured a massive government effort to manage the media by strictly controlling what information and images should be available to them Media are affected by the constraints of legal and informal political pressures, as well as by the economic forces that shape the media industry. In turn, media also seems to influence the political world in a variety of way Media corporations are major contributors to political campaigns o They also organize themselves into specialized lobbying groups that represent the interests of different segments of the media industry Media industries have long sought to eliminate the regulations on certain media coverage o Media coverage contributed lots of money to political campaigns – most of these contributions came from the entertainment industry Media and Political Elites The most profound influence of the media on the political world takes place at the level of political elites Media’s influence on the politicians is more profound than their influence on the voters o It is the insiders (politicians, campaign managers, lobbyists, etc.) who pay closest attention to and are most likely to be influenced by the media Politicians saw mass media as an opportunity to communicate to the public o With nonstop 24-hour coverage, we can overestimate the media’s influence on election campaigns and the running of the government A Politics Image Media considerations are probably the most important factor around which candidates organize electoral campaigns A politician’s image (a camera-friendly style and appearance) greatly enhances a candidate’s chance of success o Looking and acting comfortable and confident on camera can aid a candidate’s cause o Ex. Nixon – Kennedy Debate 1960 Nixon did not perform well nor did he look presentable on camera His appearance was not as fresh as the young Kennedy Did not wear makeup Important to engage with the people watching the debate on TV – they are the ones who are in control Nixon did not look at camera/did not engage with audience; Kennedy did People who listened through radio thought that Nixon had won, but those who watched on TV knew that Kennedy was the true victor.
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Nixon’s performance would have been more effective on radio rather than camera Appearance does matter! o
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EXAM 3 STUDY GUIDE - Ch 7 Media Influence and the Political...

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