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Chapter 2 Problem 4 a. Before: Labor productivity = 80/5 = 16 carts per worker per hour After: Labor productivity = 84/4 = 21 carts per worker per hour b. Before: Multifactor productivity = 80 / (10*5+40) = 0.89 carts per dollar After: Multifactor productivity = 84 / (10*4+50) = 0.93 carts per dollar c. The labor productivity increases dramatically, while the multifactor productivity has a slight
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Unformatted text preview: increase. In the problem, we have to consider two factors, both the workers and machine. So the multifactor productivity is more pertinent. Chapter 3 Problem 12 a. By using the method in lecture notes, we can solve the seasonal relatives. Fri. = 0.79, Sat. = 1.34, Sun. = 0.87 b. Fri = 163+(163-159)=167, Sat = 276+(276-273)=279, Sun = 183+(183-176)=190...
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