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Running head: RELATIONSHIP STRATEGIES 1 Relationship Strategies Angel Bingham PSY/220 December 2, 2011 Stefanie Crouse
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RELATIONSHIP STRATEGIES 2 Relationship Strategies John and I have been a part of each other’ lives for over four years. When John and I first starting dating; I didn’t like him very much. However, John was persistent and would not go away. He grew on me and over time I fell in love with him. He and I have been through a tremendous amount together, and I pushed him away for years. Recently, he and I started seeing each other again after a one year breakup. All though this man is not new to me, this relationship is. I no longer push him away or close him out when I feel myself becoming closer to him. However, I sometimes wonder if the feeling is mutual. Carving out time to talk to one another on a more intimate level is a strategy my relationship would benefit from. John and I are proud individuals who do not like to allow people to know our inner feelings or earlier life experiences. If John and I were to make the time
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WK2RelationshipStrategies - Running head RELATIONSHIP...

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