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What can you do to teach your children, a coworker, or anyone in your life to be empathetic? Teaching my children how to be empathetic is of the utmost importance to me. Their lives and the way they view the world around them is largely dependent upon how I raise them. Ways I can instill empathy within my children vary. For instance: leading by example. When my children see me committing random acts of kindness it shows them that I myself am empathetic toward others and the things that may be going through. An example would be this past Thanksgiving… The night before Thanksgiving I was cooking for about 15 people and I kept realizing things I needed from the grocery store. On one of my various trips to Publix (in a frenzy trying to make it before they closed in pj’s about 2 hairs away from total insanity), all I needed was aluminum foil… Once at the register I noticed these papers hanging with bar codes to be scanned. Each was to donate 1, 3, or 5$ to be donated to feed the homeless… I looked around and noticed
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