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WK3Empathy Exercise - learning In the future I can begin by...

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Running head: EMPATHY EXERCISE 1 Empathy Exercise Angel Bingham PSY/220 December 9, 2011 Stefanie Crouse
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EMPATHY EXERCISE 2 Empathy Exercise In the past a female coworker has been somewhat rude and refused to accept instruction. A few days ago I called her to politely tell her about certain paperwork that needed to be filed with my before purchase orders were approved. I went on to explain why they were needed and how the documents keep the company running smoothly. She was very rude and often interrupted me while I was talking. Eventually she hung up the phone even though I was not finished with my instruction. I was immediately offended and believed she thought she knew everything and thought she was better than everyone else. There are not many women in my company, and it can be overwhelming trying to learn how to do a job properly. That day, she was more than likely frustrated with the many procedures and protocols in place that she is still
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Unformatted text preview: learning. In the future, I can begin by empathizing with her on being overwhelmed before I begin to instruct her on how something is done. When I began with the company no one really taught me how to do things properly and I had to learn as I went along. Offering assistance in the learning process while relating to her feelings will help build a better relationship with this young. I am grateful that I did not mirror her attitude toward me that day. A negative coupled with another negative will not produce a positive result. Later the same day she called me and apologized for her rudeness. At that point I accepted her apology as well as empathized with her on the feeling of frustration of learning a new job without proper training. It has been two days, now and she is much more pleasant with me when I need something from her, and she no longer interrupts me when I am attempting to help her. EMPATHY EXERCISE 3...
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WK3Empathy Exercise - learning In the future I can begin by...

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