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WK4Wise Judgment Scenario

WK4Wise Judgment Scenario - WISE JUDGEMENT SCENARIO 1 Wise...

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WISE JUDGEMENT SCENARIO 1 Wise Judgment Scenario Angel Bingham PSY/220 December 18, 2011 Stefanie Crouse
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WISE JUDGMENT SCENARIO 2 Wise Judgment Scenario Parents are often faced with difficult decisions in regard to their children. One situation in particular occurs when a parent discovers their seven-year-old child has stolen something from the store; like cookies. Often, parents rush to the predetermined punishment of forcing the child to return the item without thinking the entire event through. Baltes’ five components on wise judgment can prove to be most helpful in such a situation. The first component relates to factual knowledge about matters of life. This component contains knowledge in regard to social norms, interpersonal relations, and human nature. When the parent first discovers the child has stolen cookies, is when this component should be considered. The parents should think about their mindset as a child and how hard it was to resist the urge of something desired. This is also the time to consider what would happen had the child been caught in the act. Another thought to consider is the relationship with the store. If it a store they visit often, and do know everyone there are questions the parent may silently ask. These are all things that could and possibly should go through the parents mind when the discovery is first made. The next component is procedural knowledge. This component includes weighing goals, handling life’s problems, ways to offer advice, and how to handle conflict. It is within this
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WK4Wise Judgment Scenario - WISE JUDGEMENT SCENARIO 1 Wise...

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