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You have made a life changing decision of earning a degree. It may change your opportunities in life and your ability to earn and obtain the career you want, but it takes a significant commitment. What is the level of commitment to your goal? How has, or may this commitment to your goal help you in difficult times? What specific changes have you made in your life to ensure that you will complete this commitment to yourself? This is my 3 rd attempt at earning a college degree. I have always excelled quickly within an academic setting and had extremely high levels of commitment toward my education……. In the beginning. However, life always showed up and proved that my commitment level did not remain as high as originally thought. With my first attempt at a college education I got pregnant with my first child and stopped going to school. With my second attempt husband and I separated and I began working full time again, therefore allowing my grades to plummet. NOW, I am certain of my commitment to my degree. Even if I never use the paper I will
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