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Earning your degree takes dedication, commitment, and time. The motivation that drives you through the tough times and keeps you focused is the foundation for your commitment. Discuss whether your motivations for striving are intrinsic, introjected, identified, or extrinsic. All of the above. Part of me strives for excellence because that part of me feels like that’s what others expect me to do. (Extrinsic) That part of me longs for the approval of others. I believe that part of me stems from my negative childhood experiences. I never felt loved, accepted, or even liked. Another part of me is pushed out of fear of failure (Introjected). This is the 3 rd time I have attempted to earn a college degree. No one in my family has ever gone to college. I do not want to be like everyone else in my family. I am not very proud of my extended family or what they represent. Earning a college education helps me feel like I rose above what I could very easily have become Education is very important to me. (Identified) I believe that it does not matter what your
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