WK6Changing Perspective

WK6Changing Perspective - Running head CHANGING PERSPECTIVE...

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Running head: CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 1 Changing Perspective Angel Bingham PSY/220 January 15, 2012 Stefanie Crouse
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CHANGING PERSPECTIVE 2 Changing Perspective Jamie sat and stared at the pregnancy test: two lines. She remained frozen, trying to figure out how this happened. She and her boyfriend used protection every time they made love. They had been boyfriend and girlfriend since kindergarten. She didn’t know how she was going to tell her parents. Her father was a senator, and up for re-election. If her pregnancy went public it could ruin his political career. She loved Matthew dearly, and she knew she would love the baby, but she wasn’t sure about anything else. She began thinking of Matthew and his future. Florida State University had offered him a full athletic scholarship next year. The last thing she wanted Matthew to do was throw away his future so he could take care of her and the baby. On the other hand, Matthew’s family was Catholic. If they discovered she was pregnant they would insist she have the child. Abortion was against their religious belief. She began to worry his family would resent her for the child and blame her for the pregnancy. Matthew had spoken of raising a family together. He loved her very much and treated her like a princess. She could think of no other man she would rather have a child with. However, the timing was all wrong. They had an entire lifetime ahead of them before a child was supposed to enter the picture. Jamie called Megan, she needed to talk to someone and Megan was her best friend. She
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WK6Changing Perspective - Running head CHANGING PERSPECTIVE...

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