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Post your response to the following: A person's self-concept plays a large role in how he or she views the world; it helps a person process social information, judge feedback, and influences what he or she notices in others. Culture teaches people what values are important and can determine if they view themselves as independent, emphasizing being unique and expressing oneself, or interdependent, emphasizing a social connectedness. Your culture includes your family, friends, city, and country. Explain how your culture has influenced your self-concept. I am from a very small town in Tennessee. Growing up I was often ignored, dismissed, teased, and assaulted. For years I felt as if I would never amount to anything and would spend my life hated and alone. There was a period of time when I negated school and turned to alcohol. My childhood caused my self-concept to be extremely negative. After a period of years I entered an intense behavior modification program designed to assist me
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Unformatted text preview: in confronting and working through my “issues”. I spent an exhausting 120 days facing my darkest and deepest memories. Once I was able to confront my past, I was able to begin to apply the techniques suggested to me to work through them. Today the past events of my life do not affect me in a negative manner. On the contrary, I am now filled with an intense desire to help others. The friends I have now support my efforts. As a United States Citizen I am encouraged to overcome all obstacles and succeed in all endeavors. My culture has not made me who I am, nor does it dictate my self-concept. I believe everyone has the power to use their culture in a positive or negative manner. In my opinion it is weak to allow others and events to dictate who we are. For a long time I was that weak person, but I am strong today and have used my past surroundings to create better ones....
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