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As the text indicates, we tend to correlate humility with low self-esteem. Do you think this always has to be the case? How do you think we can foster humility in others so that they are better balanced? Please note that there is a large difference between humility and humiliation. I remember reading somewhere that humiliation is nothing more than a person being humbled against their will. That statement stuck with me, and helped me get through difficult times. Humility is to be modest and respectful. In the text it speaks of a study where people were asked to identify people they thought to be humble. The people identified were friends, roommates, relatives, celebrities, saints, religious leaders, and classmates. The same people were asked to give reasons as to why they picked these people. The answers included words such as kind, caring, intelligent, competent, and self-sacrifice. These characteristics are all positive. It is because of this that I do NOT feel correlating humility with low self-esteem is always the case.
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