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Post a response in your own words defining environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability basically means keeping US alive without killing our great great grandchildren. Something that comes to mind would be housing. Using trees to build houses is great, as long as there are still trees for the future generations to use too. So we should all plant a tree every time we kill one. (Basically every day we should be outside planting trees.) !!! Another thing we should NOT do is filter out the salt in all of the ocean water…. That would kill all of the fish and seafood, and if all the fish and seafood are gone the birds that eat them will die and so will the polar bears, and if the polar bears were to die the Eskimos wouldn’t have anything to keep them warm. See the effect?!?!? Then, list three behaviors of your own that threaten environmental sustainability. I don’t recycle, but I will say in my defense I have tried!!!! The city no longer gives out the blue recycling bins so I bought my own blue bin (TWICE, even
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