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Use the Ch. 6 Biome animation located in the Week Three Materials of your student web page to identify which biome you live in by clicking on the colored area of your location. Respond to the following: Provide a one-sentence description of typical precipitation and temperature for summer and winter. The biome I live in is very hot in the summer months, with brief periods of rain daily: typically in the afternoons. The winters tend to vary from year to year but are generally cool in the mornings and warm by the midafternoon, with only a few weeks of “cold” weather (never consecutive, the days are spread out throughout the winter
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Unformatted text preview: months). Rain in the winter is rare compared to that of the summer months. The Cabbage Palm Tree (also known as the Sabal Palm) is common in my area and can tolerate a wide variety of weather. The tolerance of this plant makes it ideal for my region because there are periods of extreme heat, drought, heavy rains, high winds, and sometimes freezing temperatures. This common regional plant can flourish in all of these conditions and is often used in landscaping throughout the state. Identify the characteristics of a plant and animal in your region. How do the characteristics relate to the amount of rain or sunlight in your region?...
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