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WK4Population Size - the 1930s The immigration of this...

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Running head: POPULATION SIZE 1 Population Size Angel Bingham SCI/275 December 16, 2011 Anwar Johnson
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POPULATION SIZE 2 Population Size Changes in population size are determined by four factors: death rate, birth rate, immigration, and emigration. The death rate and birth rate are self-explanatory; the rate of a species born versus the rate of the species dying is a contributing factor in the growth rate. Emigration refers to species leaving an area, and immigration is the amount coming into the area. These two factors also play a substantive factor in a specific growth rate in population. The Alien Invasion video within the chapter material highlights the nutria population in Louisiana. This species of animal was brought from South America as a probable fur-bearer in
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Unformatted text preview: the 1930s. The immigration of this animal plays a major contributing factor in the population size within Louisiana. Nutria animals breed like rabbits and each female can birth 40 babies in three years. Nutria reaches puberty within six months from birth, explaining how the high birth rate also plays a major fact in the nutria population size. Nutria consume a third of their body weight a day, and are depleting the natural resources available in their area. As vegetarians, once the vegetative resources are gone from the area, it is expected the nutria will move to other areas in search for food. This movement will result in further depletion of natural resources on a potentially grander scale....
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WK4Population Size - the 1930s The immigration of this...

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