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Go to the Emissions Calculator website at http://airhead.cnt.org/Calculator/? sid=a743a150a5f5ff4c72817e723b7c8c14 . Fill out the survey to the best of your knowledge to calculate the total pounds of air pollution your household emits. What was your highest contributor? Automobile What may you do to lower your total? For the automobile? Nothing. I only drive to work and back and once every 2 weeks to Walmart for groceries. The house I live in is 1/10 a mile from a grocery store, park, my salon, At&t, Walgreens, grocery store (more expensive than Walmart though that’s why I
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Unformatted text preview: go there twice a month), Dr’s office, various restaurants, a gym, tanning salon, nail salon, and a bar(!). The kids and I walk everywhere instead of driving… There is no reason to drive across the street. What is your greatest challenge in lowering your total? Finding a way to?. ...... The average pollution level is 1654 pounds…. I am only at 343 pounds. Overall I think that is pretty good! When you review other students’ posts, suggest how they might control air emissions for their situations....
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