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The first potential indoor air quality hazard within my home is my heating and cooling system. I am always dusting my house and I know it is because of the vents. This hazard can cause various breathing problems to develop throughout members of my household. In an effort to minimize exposure to this hazard I can place an air purifier within the home, be sure to keep the filters clean, and have my air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. Another air quality hazard is household cleaning products. I remember when I was a teenager; my stepfather was cleaning the carpets using one of those shampooers you can rent from the grocery store. He got the bright idea to mix bleach with ammonia. That night, my mother ended up in the emergency room
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Unformatted text preview: sick from the fumes. She was hospitalized for a few days because of the effect the fumes had on her body. It is extremely important that I minimize this hazard in my home because exposure can be fatal. Buying only what I need at the time, and buying nontoxic and organic cleaning items are an excellent way to minimize this health risk. Yet another air quality hazard is air fresheners. Oh how I love my smell goods! Chemicals in air freshener can also cause various respiratory issues. In an attempt to lower this hazard (and save money) I have substantially lowered the amount of FeBreeze noticeables within my home from 5 to 1. This not only saves money but allows others to breathe easier as well (such as visitors with asthma)....
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