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Running head: 1 Angel Bingham
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2 Solid waste is a major concern; a concern that should not be taken lightly by any community. It is my belief that solid waste brings about substantial effects to the environment, and is often a contributing factor to some of the issues faced within the environment. Solid waste does not only mean “harmless” garbage. It also includes hazardous waste as well as water contamination. If these problems are not addressed, brought under control, and solved, they could ultimately be the end of the human race. Solid waste is a terrestrial problem that is a major concern throughout the world. However, it ought to be thought of as a major concern in the United States because we produce more waste per individual than many other countries (EPA, 2011). Issues in relation to solid waste include hazardous waste, methods of disposal, water contamination, and current methods used to help reduce the overall solid waste amount. Water Contamination is a direct result of improper garbage disposal methods. Even with regulations (EPA, 2011) in place, runoff takes place in landfills. Runoff seems almost unavoidable, because of rivers, streams, and additional bodies of water are mostly found in low lying areas. Areas consisting of extremely low traffic; such as rural areas, are more prone to dumping. Whether it be on a smaller scale such as throwing a wrapper out of a moving car, to
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wk7check - Running head: 1 Angel Bingham 2 Solid waste is a...

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