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Choose one of the following terrestrial resource challenges: loss of agricultural land or reducing solid waste. I have noticed that everyone seems to be leaning toward the loss of agricultural land. However, I recently began to take solid waste as a serious matter. I am sure everyone is aware of the Stop Online Piracy Act that much of America is protesting. However, has anyone taken the time to look at this on an environmental scale? If this bill passes, the government is not just attempting to stop piracy; it is also stopping the sale of used goods online. Has anyone else figured out what this means?……. . It means if you have something you want to replace/upgrade, like a TV or a phone; they want you to throw it away and just buy a new one instead of selling it to someone who maybe can’t afford something new. Easy terms: SOLID WASTE INCREASE
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Unformatted text preview: Think about how fast our landfills will fill up with these old items (assuming people actually follow it and the bill gets passed) Think about how long it will take these things to decompose, and about the acids that will come from electronics. If for no other reason, this bill is a terrible idea on an environmental scale. Recycling is a MUST if we are going to reduce the amount of solid wastes in our landfills. That means selling and donating things we no longer use. Letting everyone benefit until there is nothing left to benefit from with that item. People are so upset about “freedom of expression” right now, but what about the playgrounds and fields not being filled with trash? What are the challenges of managing your chosen issue? What human activities contribute to the problem?...
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