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If you were an environmental researcher given funding to assist with one environmental issue, on which of the following topics would you spend your funds? Human population Atmospheric pollution Water resources Terrestrial resources Energy conservation What influenced your choice? What would be the ultimate goal of your research? If I were an environmental researched and I had the opportunity to spend grant money on any environmental issue I would definitely choose water resources. The Saint Johns River is an extremely large resource that is substantially abused. This fresh water source is often a major dumping ground for a variety of companies in various cities. I
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Unformatted text preview: can remember a few summers ago when a huge algae growth seemed to be consuming the river in my city. Even though the companies are busy dumping their waste in my river, it is the citizens that do the most damage. From yard fertilizer to car and boat oils, the river is very sick. If given the chance I would not only expand the educational programs already in place to help save the river, but I would also focus on finding a way to reverse the damage that has been done already. If I could come up with an invention that could remove the toxins from the water then the aquatic life would be saved as well as a major water resource for human consumption....
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