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Bosnia Research Paper - Mark Moeller Period 3 Bosnia...

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Mark Moeller 10/6/08 Period 3 Bosnia Research Paper The most significant factor for a county to maintain resources necessary for a sus- tainable environment is the population in that country. In Bosnia, as population in- creases, the competition for resources will become greater, and thus will limit the amount of available resources. In order for Bosnia to maintain it’s population, the country will have to use more resources, depending on how rapidly the population is increasing. Due the stable and nearly negative growth rate of Bosnia, it could be suggested that the re- sources are limited and are preventing an increase in population. Bosnia has faced several pollution problems ranging from air pollution of metal plants, water shortages, and poor sanitation services. These factors have a negative im- pact on the quality of life for the citizens, as well as the ability to create a livable world for future generations. The pollution is caused by mismanagement in government, water shortages caused by a lack of reliable sources of water. These problems could be allevi- ated by investing time in cleaner and safer methods of producing energy and products for the country. Bosnia should also address the problem of water shortages by seeking re-
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Bosnia Research Paper - Mark Moeller Period 3 Bosnia...

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