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chap 18 study guide - Mark Moeller Period 3 Chapter 18...

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Mark Moeller 1/14/09 Period 3 Chapter 18 Study Guide Biomass : Organic matter produced by plants and other photosynthetic producers. Total dry weight of all living organisms that can be supported at each trophies level in a food chain or web. Dry weight of all organic matter in plants and animals in an ecosystem. Plant materials and animal wastes used as fuel. Cogeneration : Production of two useful forms of energy, such as high-temperature heat or steam and electricity, from the same fuel source. Energy Efficiency : Percentage of the total energy input that does useful work and is not converted into low-quality, usually useless heat in an energy conversion system or process. First Law of Thermodynamics : In any physical or chemical change, no detectable amount of energy is created or destroyed, but in these processes energy can be changed from one form to another. Geothermal Energy : Heat transferred from the earth’s underground concentrations of dry steam, wet steam, or hot water trapped in fractured or porous rock. Hydropower : Electrical energy produced by falling or flowing water. Kilowatt : Unit of electrical power equal to 1,000 watts. ` Photovoltaic Cell : Device that converts radiant energy directly into electrical energy. Second Law of Thermodynamics : In any conversion of heat energy into useful work, some of the initial energy input is always degraded to a lower-quality, more dispersed, less useful energy, usually low-temperature heat that flows into the environment. Wind Farm
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chap 18 study guide - Mark Moeller Period 3 Chapter 18...

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