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Mark Moeller 11/23/08 Period 3 Mining Post-lab Questions 1. Mining companies would need to look for different types of ore. Mining companies to reuse their money by buying new types of tools and technology that would help the company to find new types of ores in different mines. They would have to stop mining on the current site and invest in a new site where different ores can be extracted. 2. All of the mining from our group had a negative impact on the environment. Many of the animals needed to be moved in order to dig underneath them and so they were inadvertently killed. The houses on the site were also destroyed as we tried to dig under and around them. The plants were cut down and removed also for the same reason. The pond on our site was drained and all the animals living in it were killed. 3. Decisions that our company had to make included what we should spend money on. We decided go spend a lot of money on high end tools and technology to help extract the minerals.
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