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book 2 chapters 8-14

book 2 chapters 8-14 - Mark Moeller Period 4 Book 2...

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Mark Moeller 12/7/06 Period 4 Book 2 chapters 8-14 questions 1. Describe Kay and Merlyn’s contrasting opinions on stating wars. Kay has always been raised to think that fighting and war is a good thing. Throughout the book, we have seen that Merlyn feels very strongly that fighting is not the solution to a conflict. Kay brings up the idea that if the king believes that war will improve life, then he should commence. However, Merlyn disagrees, because he feels that good ideas should be presented to the public, and not forced by the sword. 2. How did King Pellinore react to the effort that Grummore and Palomides put into their Questing beast costume? With the great effort that the two men put into their costume, they must have been expecting a very positive reaction from the depressed King. However, the king seems to sad to even bother with meeting the beast, and is nearly forced to go find it. When he finally confronts the costume, he is not impressed or flattered, but instead very confused and wonders why the two men even bothered with it.
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