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Chapters 8-12 questions

Chapters 8-12 questions - Mark Moeller Period 4 Chapters...

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Mark Moeller 10/31/06 Period 4 Chapters 8-12 Questions 1. Other than the threat of Kay bullying him, why did wart demand to have Merlyn take Kay on a lesson? The Wart’s quality of caring is the main reason why he is so relentless in making sure that Kay is getting lessons as well. The Wart shows a very good quality that will be important in his days as king, because he strongly believes in equality and fairness. He thinks that no one person should have special treatment over another. 2. What impressions did the Wart and Kay have when they found out that their adventure would involve the famed Robin Wood and Little John? At first, the two are familiar with Robin Wood and Little John from stories, and they seem very excited to be meeting them in person. I personally think that the Wart and Kay might have not been so ambitious to go on such a dangerous quest, however, with these two legends of the forest, they probably felt more secure.
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