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Mark Moeller 11/6/06 Period 4 Chapters 13-19 questions 1. What type of society did the ants represent, and what were Wart’s opinions of this? The society of the ants is very similar to a communist society, because nobody is treated as an individual. They all have coded names and repetitive conversations. The Wart gets bored very quickly from hearing the repetitive signals through his antennae as well as the conversations between other ants. He clearly does not enjoy the monotony of the ant’s home 2. React to the reasons that the ants have formed for going into a battle. For some reason the ants think that anyone not from their tribe is an invader and must be killed. They strongly believe in their own system and are very untrusting. The ants seem to be very violent and protective, because they usually have little to no reason to begin a huge invasion. 3. Describe the mood of the dinner party. This is one of the rare events where all the characters seem to be in a
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