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Character Writing -- Arthur

Character Writing -- Arthur - Arthur seems to understand...

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Mark Moeller 12/19/06 Period 4 Character Writing – Arthur Arthur was tutored by a genius, Merlyn, in his youth, and Merlyn’s lessons taught Arthur everything he uses to rule his kingdom. His lessons and patterns of rule are the bases for Arthur’s lawmaking, and through that, he created the Round Table. Still a young king, Arthur made the table for the goal of equality – each knight is seated facing the rest and there is no sense of exceptionality for any individual. Also, the Round Table gave knights something to do which was not necessarily violent – they discussed current issues amongst themselves. The underlying purpose of this was to push Might towards Right, meaning that powerful actions were taken for the good of society (as opposed to powerful actions as the form of rule). Later on in Book III, Arthur begins to experience some difficulties with his Round Table. He begins to ponder the necessity of his plan, and what the future beholds for the ‘Might for Right’ theory.
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Unformatted text preview: Arthur seems to understand the morals for the Table now much more than he did as a child, when every lesson confused him. Arthur notes the idea of the table – a form of democracy or sportsmanship to impose a world of peace. His goal was to prevent bloodshed and wars, yet in his current situation, he found himself “up to the elbows in blood.” The King realizes that his theory is showing some flaws in that way too many killings/murders/wars are underway. Arthur is also having an inner conflict like Lancelot, only in that his own personal strength or weakness reflects upon his actions. This meaning that when Arthur is feeling strong, he does not take time to lament for what he has done, yet when he is in a weak state, he was persecuted “by shame and indecision.” The future of his kingdom will Mark Moeller 12/19/06 Period 4 definitely be affected by his important decisions, and Arthur’s instability is something which he should focus on improving....
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Character Writing -- Arthur - Arthur seems to understand...

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