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Geese scene summary

Geese scene summary - Wart then asks the Lyo-lyok is the...

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Geese scene summary After learning how do fly from being an owl, the Wart is turned it a goose. The Wart, now in the form of a goose, is magically transported to a very vast plain, which seems to be out in the middle of nowhere. The Wart quickly meets another goose, who says her name is Lyo-lyok. Wart, acting a bit strange due his inexperience as a goose, is made fun of by Lyo-lyok. Wart explains why he is acting funny, and Lyo-lyok becomes very understanding of him. After not too long, the two get into a discussion about the geese’s society. They have very little laws, and practically no authority figure. This lets the geese be free and enjoy life. The geese have little possessions because they are always moving from place to place. While land and territory is valued greatly in human and other animal societies, it means almost nothing to the geese.
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Unformatted text preview: Wart then asks the Lyo-lyok is the geese have wars. She is appalled by this suggestion and tells him that she sees absolutely no reason why two animals of the same species would fight each other. The Wart then mentions how much he enjoys war, due to the bravery, chivalry, and duties of being a knight; however he does not mention the tragic side of war. After Lyo-lyok hears this, she claims that Wart enjoys war because he is a baby. This scene is meant to be a direct contrast of the society of the ants, and also has more descriptions of the geese flying in order to emphasize the joy and freedom that they have. Wart should learn from this lesson that a society where the people are allowed to develop into free individuals, makes for an ideal society with happy citizens. 14...
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