Gwen character writing

Gwen character writing - young and idealistic Guenever has...

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Mark Moeller 12/21/06 Period 4 Guenever character writing The emotions of characters and their perceptions of the world have now become common focal points brought up in the book for the purpose developing these characters to make the audience relate to them easier. This passage continues with that method by discussing the way that Elaine and Guenever perceive their surroundings at their similar yet very different ages. Elaine is still encompassed in the basic aspects of life while Guenever has developing into a much more sophisticated and individualistic woman. With the extra age and experience of Guenever, she has obtained more of an understanding of human behavior as well as a concept that the author refers to as, ‘knowledge of the world.’ Acquired in middle-aged women, knowledge of the world is a sort of sixth sense that cannot be taught to anyone, similar to learning how to balance or walk. Guenever has gained this concept and shows it by making more practical decisions. While Elaine is
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Unformatted text preview: young and idealistic, Guenever has come to terms with her experiences and developed a sense of what she should live by. Instead of following what she believes is good or bad, right or wrong, Guenever has developed the logic to reasonable determine the path to conduct her life in. Even with the seemingly small four-year age difference between these two women, they have shown that they both view their surroundings in a very different way. Elaine is still very naive and misunderstanding of others and even herself. She is very idealistic and can’t distinguish whether or not a goal is realistic or not. Guenever is showing big superior signs of maturity, which will most likely help her in the upcoming difficulties that will arise in Camelot. One can assume that with a strong lacking of her Mark Moeller 12/21/06 Period 4 knowledge of the world, Elaine will continue to struggle with interpreting her situations and will most likely be frequently misled throughout the rest of the book....
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Gwen character writing - young and idealistic Guenever has...

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