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Jousting Scene Summary

Jousting Scene Summary - safety of the two knights while...

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Jousting Scene Summary This scene is placed in the book for a few reasons. It is used so that Merlyn can show the Wart what knighthood is like; however its main purpose is to serve as comic relief for the story. The scene starts when Merlyn ‘poofs’ himself and the Wart to a clearing in the forest where they find King Pellinore. The king is being silly as usual and is surprised to hear that he will soon be engaging in a joust. Merlyn predicts perfectly that Sir Grummore is approaching and will challenge King Pellinore. The king is nervous because he has not jousted in at least two months, and based on the way that Grummore fights, it seems as though he has the same lack of experience. The two exchange words and begin their battle. Merlyn and the Wart quickly retreat up a birch tree to watch the battle. Throughout the entire fight, Wart is afraid and worries for the
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Unformatted text preview: safety of the two knights while Merlyn seems to know they will both be fine, and is not affected much. The whole battle is very comical; because the two knights each have on a set of amour that weighs about as much as they do. At first the men charge each other on their horses and miss. One man runs into a tree and the other just heads off out of sight. They charge each other again and both fall off their horses. The two commence hitting one another with their swords, as if taking turns. They charge at each other once again and both fall flat on the ground. King Pellinore is so shaken up that he looses track of Sir Grummore. The two knights agree to a Pax, but King Pellinore turns on this and attacks Sir Grummore and sits on his chest to prevent him from moving. The scene ends comically and there is no clear winner at the end. 5...
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