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4 The incredible magician, Merlyn, will be giving lessons to worthy individuals. Lessons can train you for anything you need to obtain future success (Backwards or Forwards life) Come Witness firsthand the corruption and problems of and absolute power society. Merlyn will magically transform you into any animal that you wish, so that you can observe up close and in person the leadership government system that this animal would live in. First lesson is FREE and Merlyn will even come with you.
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Unformatted text preview: The Amazing Magician, Merlyn, has been to the future and back, with years of experience and wisdom Merlyn has trained the great king Arthur to become the incredible success that he is today and now he’s offering you the same deal Not sure if absolute power corrupts a society? Come see for yourself as you can even meet and talk to the leader. Perhaps you could learn enough to become a great king yourself...
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